The Malaysian Government manages one of the most complex, dense and species-rich forests in the world. Unfortunately, Illegal logging activity is threatening this national asset.

Illegal logging is damaging Malaysia’s ecosystem and environment. Loss of livelihoods, increased flooding, reduced tax revenues, and clean-up and restoration costs all contribute to the price paid by the Malaysian people.

The Malaysian Government has pledged to protect its remaining valuable forests. From 2018, logging companies will only be allowed in dedicated areas. Unfortunately, this plan risks being undermined by significant illegal logging activities. At the same time, the local communities and indigenous groups are suffering the most from the knock-on impacts of illegal logging, with loss of local environment, employment and sustainability.

Many indigenous species are severely threatened by their loss of habitat. These animals and the rainforests bring tourism to Malaysia, generating approximately 15% of Malaysia’s GDP.

EASOS will assist the Malaysian Government in enforcing forestry legislation and management practices to tackle the issue of illegal logging activities. It will monitor deforestation and accurately detect illegal logging activities. It will provide information of the location and extent of activities to direct intervention and provide potential evidence for prosecution.  

Furthermore, the electronic tagging of legally harvested logs will allow traceability through the entire supply chain. It will provide the authorities with alerts, enabling the Malaysian Government to intervene effectively and provide protection to indigenous populations and wildlife, while establishing a new level of governance across the industry.

From an economic and environmental perspective, we estimate EASOS will enable:

  • 10% decrease of illegal logging activities, equating to economic benefit of RM220 million (US$50 million) per annum
  • Protection and rehabilitation of Malaysia’s tropical forest and unique wildlife
  • Sustainable economic benefits to the timber industry and local communities.
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