Introducing the Earth and Sea Observation System (EASOS)

EASOS is a platform designed to provide high value decision support to tackle country-specific environmental, security and human challenges. Through intelligent fusion of data from terrestrial and satellite sources, EASOS provides knowledge on a wide variety of topics to different government departments.

By providing decision-makers with the right information in a single dashboard, EASOS assists in planning, prevention and post-event response strategies, enabling them to realise long-term sustainable benefits to the Malaysian economy, environment and civil protection.

Using EASOS, governments will have the ability to address major national issues through a single platform, rather than investing in a different system for every issue. The EASOS architecture allows fast and flexible development of satellite-based tools and application tailored to each new specific issue.

EASOS currently tackles three challenges – flooding, marine pollution and Illegal logging – but this is just the beginning. In future, EASOS could also support the monitoring of many other activities, such as renewable energy, illegal fishing and precision agriculture.